Ashim Shrivastava- the most renowned architect of Delhi

Ashim Shrivastava- the most renowned architect of Delhi

Are you looking for the most talented architect of Delhi? Well, in this regard, the name of Ashim Shrivastava comes first. He is the principal architect of Allied Studies.

He has contributed a lot in the successful completion of different challenging architectural projects of Delhi and this is how he has gained a lot of fame in the recent days.

The projects that have been completed by this professional speak a lot about his talent and achievements. Different influential projects have been attended by this architect where he has already proved his proficiency.

He has worked for both small and large-scale projects. He always makes himself involved in continuous researches so that innovative and more expressive designs can be developed.

Special traits

Some of the special traits or qualities for which Ashim Shrivastava has got acute success in his architectural career have been discussed as follows:-

  • Architectural designs of Ashim Shrivastava are an amazing blend of both Indian elements and modern topology and this is why his works have been praised so much these days.
  • He has introduced different unique and innovative architectural designs on the basis of careful research and study.
  • Both technical skills and aesthetics have been combined in his works. This is how improved and technically advanced designs have been created for upgrading the modern construction level.
  • He has always aimed at client-satisfaction and thus has developed only customized designs in accordance of the preferences and requirements of the clients.
  • His personal involvement towards different architectural projects is simply appreciable. He was very much honest with his approaches and this is the reason he has reached to the peak of success so quickly.
  • He has paid attention towards scaling, proportions and detailing services so that exclusive and flawless architectural designs can be developed.
  • The developed designs have been tested or examined again and again in order to make sure that whether the designs have been developed in accordance to customers’ demands or not.
  • Only those designs have been chosen that are ecological, durable, beautiful, affordable ad functional in nature.

Ashim Shrivastava has created a great rhythm within built-forms as a result of which innovative projects have been developed. His signature style of design has been revealed in varied building projects in Delhi.

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