Creative and Useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Creative and Useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The increasing cost of land and construction has resulted in small homes for a middle class family, which fall within its budget. With some creative and useful Home Interior Ideas for Small Spaces, one can easily make the maximum usage of the available space by effectively utilizing all areas of the house.

Home Interior Design Ideas For Small SpacesAlthough ideas for space utilization generally emerge after seeing the location but some creative and effective Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces are given below for ready reference:

Sofa Bunk Bed – A sofa that doubles up as a two tier bed for kids at night is a popular space saver. An inbuilt small stair is used to climb on the upper deck.

Fold-Down Table – It is a small table with its one end fixed on a wall with hinges. After finishing the work it collapses along the wall, thus making space for other uses.

Window Blinds Converting to a Rack – Such window blinds can be installed which, when needed, can be changed to horizontal position, and can be utilized for drying clothes on each of its blind.

Wall Bed cum Sofa – This special piece of furniture acts as a sofa with a decent showcase behind it, which when needed, can be changed to horizontal position and used as a double bed.

Painting which doubles as Jewelry Rack – A medium sized (2 ft by 4 ft) rack about 6 inches deep can be installed on a bedroom wall storing jewelry. The front of the rack can be covered with a beautiful painting fixed with hinges at one end.

Stairs with Drawers and Shelves – Storage for books and other things can be made under each step of a staircase. Drawers can be aesthetically designed and placed under each step, utilizing small spaces which otherwise go waste.

Ironing Board cum Mirror – A mirror can be fixed at the back of a normal ironing board, which after ironing doubles up as a looking mirror when changed to vertical position.

Hideable Dog Bowl Drawer – The bottom most drawer of any almirah can serve as a space for affixing two dog bowls, which will only be opened while giving food or water to the canine.

The above list of some small but useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces can be very effective in utilizing every small area of your house as also giving it the modern look and feel.

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