Interior Design

Interior Design

  • We offer World-class interior designs.
  • Availability of residential and commercial interior designs.
  • We have designed for residences, hotels, malls, institution and many more.
  • Design incorporates exquisite blend of comfort, ambience, beauty, culture etc.
  • Among the best interior designers in India.
  • We have incredible solutions for everyone in every niche.


Interior Design

Interior design is the core of an architectural structure which can’t be underestimated; therefore we at Allied design studio take keen interest into this so that you can live freely in an ambient environment. We have interior designing solutions for everything for instance Residences, Commercial interiors, Offices, Hotels and resorts, Shops and boutiques, Clubs and restaurant.  We don’t consider it as a process or business, it is an art that can be gleaned over a period of time and our interior designers are very well versed with everything.  Our designers don’t work just for completing their job, but for your satisfaction and happiness. Interior designs are not just the way of living, but it is an experience you would love to experience daily.

Types of Interior Designs

 Residential Interiors

In residential interiors, we basically cover everything right from the living room, bathroom, kitchen, gym, kid’s room, dining room, residential indoor and outdoor design to the staircase.  You can get it in any form you want whether as an epitome of modern luxury or replica of conventional design or sometimes touch of both at the same time.

Commercial interiors

Commercial interiors are not just about the look, but also about the purpose what it is made for. We understand commercial land is very expensive; therefore our approach is to create a spacious environment in a tightly packed space for utilising every inch of your land.

Hospitality interiors

An excellent interior design has a memorable experience because of the comfort, ambience, appeal that exudes from it. The hospitality interior designs are meant to have an amazing charm with the modern luxury that can’t be overlooked by anyone.

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