• Ready for possession.
  • Saves your precious time.
  • Hassle free process.
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow.
  • Instant ownership of the project.
  • You can analyse the project by yourself



Are you a buyer looking for completely built-up projects? Why wait around for tedious execution when you can just buy the finished product.

Allied Design Studio presents turnkey projects. These are finished projects that can be bought as they are. Not only do these projects save your time and reduce unnecessary hassle, they are also of exemplary quality. At Allied Design Studio, we are also conscious of the trust placed on us by our clients. Hence, we are particularly committed to maintain the quality of all our constructions and overall projects.

So why should you go for our turnkey projects? The truth is that these undertakings offer multiple benefits which include but not limited to time saving, feasibility, quality and design in front of your very own eye so that you can inspect before making any decision. To ensure that we maintain our own high standards, we pay attention to every little detail.

Some of its Benefits

  • Save time:  Save time that you will otherwise spend while waiting for a project to finish. Although we maintain a strict time table when executing each plan, unexpected delays can still crop up. Here you can invest you money and claim ownership immediately.
  • Reduce the stress:  Waiting for your project to materialise can be a stressful affair. Since turnkey projects are ready for use, you have no reason to wait!
  • Instant ownership:  One of the greatest advantages of turnkey projects is instant ownership. There is no risk of stalled constructions or delayed deadlines. Since these undertakings are ready to move in, you have the freedom to use it immediately.
  • Superior quality:  Allied Design Studio takes pride in its work. For us each project, whether client commissioned or developed as turnkey project, is a proof of our commitment to excellence. We are careful in building according to the authorised guidelines and safety standards. So, you can be assured of the best quality.


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