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  • Construction Date

    January 2016

  • Location

    Qutub Plaza, DLF-Phase 1, Gurgaon

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Project Description

With a massive footfall, Binge is by far the most favorite bakery for people of Gurgaon. Our Challenge was to do justice to the brand ‘Binge’ while redoing the interiors into something contemporary and chic.

A person in the most casual clothes should also be very comfortable in visiting the bakery and thus the space needs to have an informal and rustic look n feel. The design should be unique, to create a luring ambiance for aficionados of Binge.

The products of the bakery have always drawn people towards Binge. We wanted to entice people with the design of the space as well. The customers usually have a short visit at the bakery and we wanted it to be a memorable one. They should be able to explore something new each time they stopover.

We wanted to create a street-friendly public space with a rustic French facade. The color palette was kept muted, so the cakes and the savories talk more than the décor. The color monochromatic scheme also makes the space look larger. Rhythmic graffiti work on the vertically paneled grey concrete walls catch the interest of the users and keeps them engaged throughout their stay. The concrete wall, raw finish wood ceiling and exposed steel lend the rustic old world charm to the space.

We wanted it to feel like literally walking inside a big oven, where fresh bread is getting baked. We wanted this strong aroma and warmth of bread to be felt, tempting the customers to buy.