Project Details

Project Description

The brief was to create a 1960 Sq.Ft of a neighbourhood bar. The song by Toby Keith “I love this bar” describes the setting and ambiance of the bar perfectly. The song goes like “Just walk in through the door, puts a big smile on my face. It aint too far, come as you are. I love this BAR.” So the experience had to be casual, informal, social and quiet.

The interiors reminiscent of 1920’s prohibition era in US, where you speakeasy every time you wanted to get in to some bar. The overall feel had to be that a warehouse, illegal yet legal and makeshift sort of a place.

The bar was designed in a limited budget, but what went in was the concept which did not require it to be fancy or opulent at all. Materials used are rustic, like Mild steel for doors and ceiling, raw wood for cladding, rough Kota stone flooring, flamed and polished granite on the bar and Tor steel for the partitions. The walls are mostly plastered and then painted with cement slurry which forms a background for graphics recalling tales of famous Bootleggers, Run Runners and Moonshiners.

Language of the facade is an introduction of the materials used inside. Exposed concrete walls, window slits with black painted Mild steel frames and a black iron door with an openable slit through which guests say a password.

The location was deliberately chosen amidst quiet neibourhood to do justice to the concept of “Speakeasy”. Hence even the facade had to do justice to the concept. Ambiance just outside the bar is a dark market place. At night it seems shady, unsafe and quiet but upon entering the venue, it invites the guest to the basement where all the buzz is.