Our Services

Our Services

What We Do

  • Preparation of conceptual sketches, layouts and 3D renderings of high quality done in-house, helps the clients to visualize their project clearly before execution at site.
  • Preparation of working drawings and detailed drawings made in CAD are delivered to the contractor at site to execute the project as per the design.


Our Services


  • Site Analysis
  • Site/Urban/Town Planning
  • Architectural Designs
  • Interior Designs
  • Structural Designs
  • Working Drawings
  • Services Design ( Water, Sewage, Electrical, Fire Fighting Systems, Security Systems, Air Conditioning.)
  • Specifications, Quantities, Tender Documents
  • Contractor Short Listing
  • Tendering
  • Architectural Supervision




Allied Design Studio


  • Architects
  • Urban Designers
  • Town Planners
  • Engineers
  • Valuers

Allied Interiors


  • Interior Designers
  • Furniture Rental

Allied Design Build


  • Project Management
  • Turnkey Project
  • Furniture Manufacturing


  • World- class designs assimilated with Vaastu shashtra.
  • Architectural designs for residential and commercial architecture.
  • We design for small and modern house, towns, society, institution and many more.
  • Sustainable, captivating, energy saving, spacious etc.
  • We provide you several workings/ drawings to choose from.
  • Ultimate design is always the cumulative and mutual effort.


Architectural Design

Allied Design studio is among the pioneers who provide architectural designing services in India and are favourites’ of many people in India. We understand the importance of perfectly deployed Vaastu Shashtra very well in the design in order to keep happiness and good luck in your favour. We have designed several projects like small house, modern house, towns, society, institution, office, and many more for our esteemed clients.

Allied design studio offers you architectural designs for every purpose of your life such as –
• Commercial architecture.
• Residential architecture.
• Hospitality architecture.
• Institutional architecture.

We propose customised designs for the house, office, institution etc. that complies with your demands, budget, construction requirements, Vaastu shashtra, or any special requirement you may have in your mind.

Purpose of Architectural Design

Residential architecture                                   

Whether you are planning to make a small house or a big modern house or even a society- we have architectural design solutions for everything.  Our designs follow all the safety guidelines and preventive measures for making your life safe and happy. We embed everything possible in the design for providing you maximum benefits and convenience at your door step.

Commercial architecture

Commercial architecture is the backbone of any growing economy and the pillar of our success stories.  We put more stress on following the safety guidelines while designing so that you don’t face any catastrophe in future. The design we curate is sustainable, energy saving, spacious, and captivating

Allied design studio has always encouraged creativity in work; so feel free to tell us anything innovative revolving in your head so that we can make it a reality.


  • We offer World-class interior designs.
  • Availability of residential and commercial interior designs.
  • We have designed for residences, hotels, malls, institution and many more.
  • Design incorporates exquisite blend of comfort, ambience, beauty, culture etc.
  • Among the best interior designers in India.
  • We have incredible solutions for everyone in every niche.


Interior Design

Interior design is the core of an architectural structure which can’t be underestimated; therefore we at Allied design studio take keen interest into this so that you can live freely in an ambient environment. We have interior designing solutions for everything for instance Residences, Commercial interiors, Offices, Hotels and resorts, Shops and boutiques, Clubs and restaurant.  We don’t consider it as a process or business, it is an art that can be gleaned over a period of time and our interior designers are very well versed with everything.  Our designers don’t work just for completing their job, but for your satisfaction and happiness. Interior designs are not just the way of living, but it is an experience you would love to experience daily.

Types of Interior Designs

 Residential Interiors

In residential interiors, we basically cover everything right from the living room, bathroom, kitchen, gym, kid’s room, dining room, residential indoor and outdoor design to the staircase.  You can get it in any form you want whether as an epitome of modern luxury or replica of conventional design or sometimes touch of both at the same time.

Commercial interiors

Commercial interiors are not just about the look, but also about the purpose what it is made for. We understand commercial land is very expensive; therefore our approach is to create a spacious environment in a tightly packed space for utilising every inch of your land.

Hospitality interiors

An excellent interior design has a memorable experience because of the comfort, ambience, appeal that exudes from it. The hospitality interior designs are meant to have an amazing charm with the modern luxury that can’t be overlooked by anyone.


  • Ready for possession.
  • Saves your precious time.
  • Hassle free process.
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow.
  • Instant ownership of the project.
  • You can analyse the project by yourself



Are you a buyer looking for completely built-up projects? Why wait around for tedious execution when you can just buy the finished product.

Allied Design Studio presents turnkey projects. These are finished projects that can be bought as they are. Not only do these projects save your time and reduce unnecessary hassle, they are also of exemplary quality. At Allied Design Studio, we are also conscious of the trust placed on us by our clients. Hence, we are particularly committed to maintain the quality of all our constructions and overall projects.

So why should you go for our turnkey projects? The truth is that these undertakings offer multiple benefits which include but not limited to time saving, feasibility, quality and design in front of your very own eye so that you can inspect before making any decision. To ensure that we maintain our own high standards, we pay attention to every little detail.

Some of its Benefits

  • Save time:  Save time that you will otherwise spend while waiting for a project to finish. Although we maintain a strict time table when executing each plan, unexpected delays can still crop up. Here you can invest you money and claim ownership immediately.
  • Reduce the stress:  Waiting for your project to materialise can be a stressful affair. Since turnkey projects are ready for use, you have no reason to wait!
  • Instant ownership:  One of the greatest advantages of turnkey projects is instant ownership. There is no risk of stalled constructions or delayed deadlines. Since these undertakings are ready to move in, you have the freedom to use it immediately.
  • Superior quality:  Allied Design Studio takes pride in its work. For us each project, whether client commissioned or developed as turnkey project, is a proof of our commitment to excellence. We are careful in building according to the authorised guidelines and safety standards. So, you can be assured of the best quality.


  • Furniture designing.
  • Complete furniture restoration.
  • Reconstruction and repairing.
  • Manufacturing according to your demand and budget.
  • Gliding (Gold and Silver leaf).
  • Alteration.

Allied Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing is the integral part of allied design studio which is responsible for various world renowned architectural designing projects. In the past, Allied had collaborated with several furniture designers to bring innovation in this niche alongside upgrading the existing products for raising the standards of living. We have the complete range of comprehensive services pertaining to furniture manufacturing sector for instance, designing, reconstruction and restoration, gliding with Gold and Silver leaf.
Our team members involved in this sector possess vast knowledge and considerable experience to provide better solution for every type of manufacturing demands. The material used in our furniture is easy to maintain (zero maintenance), the comfort level is extraordinary, and the temptation you can’t resist. Most of the furniture has the life time warranty so that you don’t have to reckon about its restoration and durability.

Our Services

Furniture Designing

We have plethora of designs to offer you in this matter because we feel like few designs may lead to compromise with your desires and satisfaction.  We also have the facility to manufacture furniture according your demands such as colour, woods, comfort level, and within your budget. Our designers understand your needs including the accommodation of furniture, maintenance, designs etc.


We manufacture all the designs already present in our basket along with according to your demands. Allied design studio is a prosperous name in the market due to its quality, service, and dedicated designers that are always striving to bring something new onto the table.


Maintenance of our products is an effortless job because of the high-grade material used and the finishing that barely catches any stain.  We provide you with all the general instructions and products you need to maintain your furniture for a longer time.