Space Saving Ideas by Best Architects in Delhi

Space Saving Ideas by Best Architects in Delhi

With the skyrocketing cost of land and space becoming extremely costly in metro cities, the best architects in Delhi are using innovative methods and techniques for saving space as well as giving a new look to your home.

You can take advantage of some   space saving ideas being implemented by the best architects in Delhi, for optimum utilization of your home space. The following tips can be really useful :

Built-in furniture, whether beds, benches or dining room tables, is fast emerging as one of the space saver in almost all homes. This type of furniture is particularly good for creating effective storage by adding useful elements in tight spaces, besides looking beautiful and giving the graceful touch to your home or office.

Almirahs, bookshelves and other storage components can be aesthetically designed and placed under staircases, solving the dual purpose of utilizing the otherwise wasteful space, as well as giving a decent look. A little tricky to build drawers in the steps of stairs can also be designed  to use this space in the steps, which is generally filled with bricks and hence wasted.

Window Seating
The space just beside the window is seldom used, but can be well utilized by making a window recess seat. Besides enjoying the warmth of the sun in winters, a covered storage space can be created under this banquette-style seating.

Corners and Narrow Spaces
Corners can be utilized by placing a showcase, while some narrow spaces can be put to great use with a row of floor-to-ceiling shelves on one side, with enough space left to move about or practice yoga. Some corner space near a window can be used to put a small study table or a work station.

Instead of making brick and mortar walls for partitions in a big room, or between a living area and kitchen or staircase, you can easily design wooden partitions with storage space in between. The one foot deep shelves can be used as a book shelf, display area, or as a cupboard.

With these few but useful space saving ideas followed  by some of the Best Architects in Delhi, you can easily design a beautiful home with lots of storage space even in the small sized apartments.

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